Audiovisual Postproduction Services

Virtual Recordings specializes in podcast production and offers an integrated suite of services including audio editing, podcast promotion and monetization strategies, voice talent, video editing, and YouTube channel management.

Audio Editing & Mastering for Podcasts

Expert level editing brings a coherent clarity to your podcast. Equalization and mastering adds depth to the quality of all voices heard.

Podcast Promotion & Monetization Strategies

Let Virtual Recordings create a plan to promote and monetize your podcast through many means including keyword research and SEO optimization.

“Patrick is wonderful to work with. Anyone who needs an Audio Engineer to record and edit podcasts should consider using him. Patrick consistently delivers great quality and we really appreciate his flexibility.”
Fred Rogers
Audio Tech - CEO

Voice Talent

Need a resonant male voice with a neutral midwestern US accent to voice your podcast intros, audio books, or video games? VR has you covered. Click image of the mic at left to hear a sample of my voice.

Video Editing & YouTube Channel Management

VR can edit your video podcast episodes together and manage your podcast's presence on YouTube to maximize viewership and audience growth.

“Virtual Recordings was wonderful to work with! 
Would definitely hire them again!”
Craige Thompson
Thomson Patent Law Podcast